Welcome to Las Nubes Daycare Center

A Daycare and aferschool for Children
in a Coffee Community

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We provide service to 55 kids

About the project

Las Nubes Daycare and Learning Center assists to the region’s most vulnerable children.
They get healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks.

In the afternoon we help them with homework and tutoring.  Weekly our kids recieve small talks about the environment, how to increase self-esteem, hygiene and much more.
We offer this also to the parents.

We want kids to be kids so we create a safe environment for those who are living in rural poverty. And in the same time creating opportunities for them to succeed at school and enhance their future prospects.  



One of our objectives at Las Nubes is to make our kids concious about the environment. Theirfore we spend twice a month time on small talks about environmental issues.

We offer a safe place

 to develop their skills, do Art, and learn about  Care of the Environment.

Nutrition and Health

Las Nubes provides daily nutricional breakfast, lunch and snacks. Good nutrition help to the normal growing proces of the kids aswell a healthy body gives a healthy mind this helps them to concentrate better at school.

Beside healthy food we offer 4 times a year medical check- ups. Here we check the weight and size of our kids to see if they are underweight or not.

We promote Healthy Practices and Good Nutrition.



  • Our Daycare receive kids between 3 and 12 years.
  • Education, homework assistance and values about environment.
  • Bringing them nutricious and balanced diet.
  • 4 times a year medical check-ups.


  • Improve the education and health of the most vurnerable families of Acatenango.
  • Helping the parends economicaly so they continue working and in the meanwhile their kids are in a safe place.
  • On a long therm plan bring sustainability.


  • Help the parends to continue working and improve their economical income.
  • Improve the diet of their children.
  • Make the children concious about the environment.
  • Homework assistence and tutoring.
  • Medical check-ups to the kids from our Daycare.



~ each child deserves to be a child ~

For donations go to:   CrowFunding Site https://www.generosity.com/fundraisers/healthy-food-education-for-coffee-children  


Doante directly to our bankaccount

WireTransfer Beneficiary:  Asoc de Desarrollo Sostenible Paraxaj.   IBAN: GT76-INDL-0101-0000-0006-2002-2251 

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Las NUbes accept direct doantions trough PayPal.com
You don't need a PayPal  account of your own, simply a debit or credit card.

Las Nubes Daycare Centre

(00502) 5000 1798


Monday till friday
8am - 5pm

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Las Nubes Daycare Center

Acatenango | Chimaltenango | Guatemala

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