Our Services

Las Nubes Daycare Centre provides service to 55 kids and 33 mothers.

We improve the nutrition for Kids at daycare by bringing breakfast nutritional lunch, and snacks in the morning and afternoon.

Kids also receive school reinforcement, medical check-ups and workshops while parents go to work.

...And above all a safe place to play.



Las Nubes Daycare Centre and After-School Learning Centre assists the region’s most vulnerable children with their school work, incorporates activities that increase self-esteem for both children and parents, and creates an environment where education is more directly embedded in the community. Las Nubes Daycare is a safe place where children can play while their parents continue working. Here children creating opportunities to succeed at school and enhance their prospects.

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School Reinforcement

Our Daycare Centre improves children’s education by providing them with a safe environment in which to play, develop their skills, learn about family, environmental and social issues, as it is, help children to do their homework.     Kids have positive scores at the school due the reinforce received from teachers throughout the year.

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Nutrition and Health

Our Daycare Centre provide nutritious meals, breakfast and lunch to children in a daily basis.  We deep in the impact of Las Nubes by promoting healthy practices and Good Nutrition in their homes through talks and workshops that involve all families.

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Our passion

Every Kid in the world has the right to be a kid!